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Maximize the Performance of Your Global Systems Integrator Alliances!


That’s why you’re here. You know how hard it is to engage, measure and drive success with the Global Systems Integrators.

Because of the highly-matrixed GSI business model, navigating the maze between their sales, practice, delivery and consulting functions is a daunting task. An understanding of the complex dynamics between these functions is critical to maximize the performance of your GSI alliance.

But how?

You need a guide.

A guru.

With 30+ years’ experience in managing GSI alliances for firms like Oracle, HP and Informatica, we bring proven, field-tested programs and relationships to accelerate your growth and profitability with the GSI firms.

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Our “Understanding, Engaging and Maximizing Global Systems Integrator Alliances” white paper is intended to help you understand the GSI business model, effectively engage and leverage best practices for an alliance with a GSI.


  • Market Analysis

    GSI Market Research in Partnership with

    Service provider market research covering major solution provider positioning, competitive scoring & revenues by service lines & regions, offerings & partnerships.

  • Triage

    “As is” Program Assessment & Gap Analysis

    Existing partner program elements mapped to best practice framework & gaps identified, partner/internal interviews & survey drive data-driven recommendations.

  • Roadmap

    “To be” Program Design & Execution Roadmap

    Strategic program framework, ideal partner profile, target partner identification, partner value proposition development, workstream identification and timelining.

  • GTM Toolkit

    GTM Workshop & GTM Planning Tools

    Structured joint GTM planning workshop agenda, templates and planning tools to drive agreement on joint goals, resource commitments and go to market strategy.

  • Enablement

    Sales, Pre-Sales & Delivery Enablement

    Define a clear “path to competence” for sales, pre-sales & delivery partner roles, identify current assets & gaps, define enablement program development roadmap.

  • Solution Offerings

    Joint Solution Development Process

    Define market demand, develop joint value proposition, establish development and governance process, generate collateral.


Richard brings structure, process, enthusiasm and professionalism to everything he does, with an approach steeped in fact-based, results-driven objectives. He understands the dynamics of business and uses this insight to establish clear and practical strategies that enable his team to achieve aggressive goals.

RAM KRISHNAMURTHY  Global Service Provider Strategy Lead, Splunk

Richard has tremendous experience in managing strategic alliances.  His knowledge of marketing, sales, operations and partner relationship makes him a great leader.  Richard’s ability to extract the best from a global team and driving towards common goals is phenomenal.


Richard is a strong team builder and delivers consistent, measurable value to the organization. From his efforts, I have seen firsthand the growth of revenue and partnership traction with systems integrators and channel partners of all types. His extensive network of relationships and ability to develop winning strategies is unparalleled.

About GSIguru

Founded by Richard Akers in 2018, GSIguru focuses on maximizing the value of alliances, especially between software companies and global systems integrators. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Akers has built and led world-class alliance partner programs for enterprise software companies, large and small, including: Oracle, Hewlett-Packard and Informatica. Important to the success of these programs has been his deep relationships with many of the top global systems integrator firms including: Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, HCL, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra and Wipro.

Mr. Akers brings well developed, field-tested programs and processes that have been proven to improve the profitability of Global Systems Integrator Alliances. Most recently, Mr. Akers has worked with leading technology investment firm portfolios, such as Andreesen-Horowitz, to bootstrap partner programs for startups such as Gigster and Tenfold.